Japanese food “Washoku”

Autum has come in Takayama.
Fruits and foods are really good. You can find at Morning Markets.
I sometims go to Morning markets to buy some local fruits and vegetables.
When I went there I saw some my guests. They were really interested in “Washoku” Japanese food.
I told them about local Miso and apples.
One of lady wanted to buy Japanese roasted tea called Houji cha. But she said that the houji cha which were served for breakfast at Sosuke wanted to buy.
A man wanted to buy local miso paste that we served for breakfast.
A couple said that they had great breakfast at Sosuke! Thank you for your compliments.
I’m really happy that I could help them to buy Japanese food.
Thank you for staying with us.

Minshuku Sosuke, Keiko Tamai