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飛騨の酒 渡辺酒造 Sake in Hida city

It is Sake brewely seaon in Japan.

There are 6 sake breweies in Takayama city and 2 in Hida city.

I visited one of sake breweries in Hida city today, which is Watanabe sake brewery.

It is the top-selling Sake brewey in Hida area.

One of the popular actors in Japan called Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama really loves the sake of this brwery, I heard.

And my husband also admires the sake.

I’m learning how to make sake for guiding for tourists now.

So I joined the event of Watanabe sake brewery.

Actually I get drunk very easily, but I love the taset of sake.  I tyied to taste 10 kinds of sake.

Even I can not a lot of Sake, each sake tastes are really diffrent. And the staff of this Sake brewery learn a lot and really frendly to us. I’ve never seen a iinside of room called “Koji muro” for cultivating Koji mold which one of vital ingredients of making Sake.  The Sake master showed Koji to us.

We could taste the sake which has unpasteruized yet.  It was incredible wonderful flavor and easy to drink.

If you are interested in Sake, I can guide you some of sake brewely.

飛騨市で開催された 「蓬莱 酒蔵満喫ツアー」に行ってきました。



特に驚いたのは袋絞りのしぼりたてのお酒を飲ませていただけて これが誠にうまい! 感動の美味さでした。








いろりの民宿 惣助 恵子


Sake Tasting Funasaka Sake brewely

A group staying at Sosuke visited Funasaka Sake brewely try to taste 2 kinds of Sake  after learning how to make a sake at Funasaka sake brewely.



Walking tour Jinya–Marchant house–Sake breweries

I’m Keiko, Takayama Downtown Designated Local Guide.
It is very interesting to see inside of Jinya; Historical Goverment office in the Edo era.
There were about 60 govement offices, but only Takayama old office remains now.
Visiting Sake breweries and learn how to make it, then try to sip of Sake.
There were welthy marchants in Takayama in 17- 19 century.
They supported a town of Takayama economically and cultually.
Every time I visit those historical spots in Takayama, I find a new discovery.
History of Takayam is splended.
Try and visit Takayama history and culture.

Tasting at a sake brewery 

I’m Keiko, Downtown Designated Local Guide in Takayama.
There are 7 sake brewery in Takayama.
Most of the in the old private houses area. You can try to sip a kind of sake.
I can help you to know how to make Japanese sake at sake breweries in the downtown.
Please ask from http://www.irori-sosuke.com/english/reservation.html
Sake tasting guide