「Intrepid group」の記事一覧

Calligraphy lesson.

The big typhoon had gone through the Japan on 12th October.

We needed to stay inside while it was approaching to this area.

Intrepid group stayed with us, spending around our fireplace called IRORI.


They watched news of the typhoon.


Some of members joined our calligraphy lessons.

It looked very nice to have an experience of one of Japanese culture.


We didn’t have a big damage in Takayama.

The next morning the could go out the historical town of Takayama.

We would like to offering our sincere sympathy to the people living in the region hit by the typhoon.


A group that always has a tour leader.


She visited and stayed with us several times for some years.



She is going to get married soon.


My husband and I have daughters who are the same generation. We feel like that one of our daughters will get married.


Thank you for coming with wonderful members of group Intrepid.





Foodie tour

Intrepid foodie tour.
Members were very interested in local food in Takayama.

I like cooking, eating. I’m interested in foods.
So I couldn’t stopped talking about foods with them.

They tried Sake kasu pickles.
Sake kasu is lees; rice particles when it’s separated liquid.
It’s strong taste, but they were brave to try.

Intrepid visiting Sake brewery

Sake is made of Sake rice.

They visited a Sake brewery to know how to make sake.  One of menber knew about Koji mold.

He was the first person who knew Koji mold.  He made Rice Koji at home as a hobby.

For the summer heat fatigue,having Rice Koji soup(drink) called Amazake will be helped to recover.

I was happy that they listened the explanation enthusiastically.

Thank you for visitng Takayama during the hot summder in Japan.

Minshuku Sosuke

Intrepid in summer

It has been hot Takayama.  But they went out to stroll around a center of town under the hot weather.

Even though they came back to Sosuke with smile. And enjoyed staying at Sosuke.

Thank you for staying with us!  See you again, next time in winter.


Minshuku Sosuke


Sake Tasting Funasaka Sake brewely

A group staying at Sosuke visited Funasaka Sake brewely try to taste 2 kinds of Sake  after learning how to make a sake at Funasaka sake brewely.



Enjoy rainy seaon, Intrepid groups

It is rainy season, so it becomes a bit quite in Takayama.

so it is easy to stroll around the center of Takayama historical town in this seaon.  I think that if you don’t like busy season, it is nice to visit Takayama in June.

Intrepid groups stayed with us in June.   Some of the group menbers were a doctor and a nurse.  They were in their holiday, but gave some advice to the other members who had healthy problems during the tours!  How nice people they were!

Thank you very much staying with us.  See you again.


After busy Golden Week in Japan

It had been super busy during the national holiday in Japan called Golden week.

There were a lot of tourists in Takayama, too.

Intrepid group stayed with us.  It was calm in the center of town so they were happy to spend time  here.

One of the menbers was Japanese man.  We thought that he was a tour lader, because he could speak good English.

But he joined the tour and enjoyed traveling with the menbers in English.

It looked very nice to travel like him using English during the tour.

Irori Sosuke



Intrepid April but it was cold.

It has been cold weather in Takayama in April.

Even the cherry blossomes was fininshed it was still chilly.

We usually put on some spring clothes around in the middle of April.  But please look at our guests wearing warm jackets like winter jackets.  We needed them in April.  But they really enjoyed Japanese foods and cultures inTakayama.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

Minshuku Sosuke


Intrepid meals for vegetarians

It is a little bit hard to find some restraints which serve vegetarian dishes in Takayama.  A lot of Japanese foods are used fish soup stock called Dashi.  A lady was a vegetarian.  She would like to have a proper Japanese food without Dasi, meat and fish.

We reserched a lot of restrains in Takayama together.  We found some restraints but they are not all Japanese style dishes.  But she was happy to find some and tried to go by herself.