Cherry blossoms 桜開花

It’s been good weather. Sakura starts to bloom in Takayama. It usually blossoms around Takayama festival days. But we saw them at minami elementary school in this morning near our inn.


It’s been a lovely weather recently. Sakura, cherry blossoms,blooming news in Tokyo and Kyoto make us happy. It will come Takayama soon!
Many guests who come from Scandinavia countries in Spring stay at Sosuke every year.
I often feel that Scandinavian and Japanese have something in common sense.

Her charming smiling face looked familiar.

When she checked in I thought that she looked familiar. She might visit us before!
It wasn’t just my imagination. She came and stayed with us 4 years ago when she lived in Japan.
She traveled with her brother and his girlfriend together this time from Finland.


It has been lovely days in this week. It went through the really harsh cold winter. People in Takayama are happy to feel spring!
Takayama festival will be held on 14th15th April!
We hope that cherry blossoms will be blooming on the festival days.

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酒蔵巡りSake Brewery Tour

It is lovely sunny day in Takayama. I joined Sake Brewery Tour today. One of 6 sake breweries in Takayama opens to the public by turns each week by 3rd March. Funasaka Sake brewery opens during this week.
The inside is smaller than I expected. It took just only 10 min to guide us around. Then you can try to 2 kinds of small cups of sake for free.

French photographers

French photographer group stayed at Sosuke 2 nights.
They went to the World heritage village”Shirakawago”to take photos of houses which were covered with snow.
The leader visited Sosuke several times in winter!
One of ladies often tried playing with my grand daughter. They looked like enjoying Japan!
They might take a lot of photos!

A charming lady

A lady who originally from Hong Kong stayed for 3 nights with us.
She really enjoyed spending Takayama.
She dropped by some shops that weren’t for tourists. She is a teacher at elementary school in Canada. Her father moved to Canada when she was 10 years old. She studied English in Toronto then she became a teacher. She loves children so she played with my grand daughter at Sosuke a lot.
Thank you so much. I was happy to talk with you! I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.

Australian lady

We have many Australian guests for years.
An Australian lady stayed at Sosuke with her husband and his brother.
She said that she had already made a decision to stay at Sosuke if she would visit Takayama again.
Actually she stayed at Sosuke 30 years ago.
I really appreciate that she remembered Sosuke for 30 years! Thank you for coming!