MINSHUKU SOSUKE Hida Takayama Japan

Welcome to Minshuku Sosuke.

Minshuku Sosuke is a delightful 13 - bedroomed Japanese guest house in Hida Takayama, situated only 5-minutes' walk from Takayama station.
It is the perfect starting - point for a wonderful sightseeing tour on foot around the historic spots : morning market, temples, private houses, etc.
We can help you plan your itinerary.
At Minshuku Sosuke you can enjoy a warm welcome, friendly service and a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.
Staying with us at Sosuke is an experience you will never forget - an oasis of relaxation in your busy Japan tour.

welcome to Sosuke


The building is 180 years old. the interior has been renovated.
Massive wooden posts and beams from the Edo era (1602-1867) tell the history of the house.

In the lounge

There is an old fire place with a hearth called an "Irori".
Please relax around the Irori.

Common bathrooms

There are 2 common bathrooms which are separated men and women.

Shower booths
2 individual shower booths are open 24 hours.



All rooms have airconditioning , futon (Japanese bed) with fresh sheets and green tea.
Some rooms have a skylight.
The kimono can be worn around Sosuke, outside for an evening stroll (with the over-jacket provided), and for sleeping.

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We use local vegetables from the Hida region including Takayama.


Japanese style
Hoba miso
(toasted and seasoned seawood)
Vegetable dish
Miso soup
Continental style
Coffee or tea
Japanese style breakfast.
Check the price list.

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45 years ago in Takayama, there were no English signs, no English maps, no large hotels
and no foreign tourists. At that time my parents bought an old farmhouse in Kamitakara village.
There were many rice and vegetable fields then,
It was surrounded by blossoming trees.
The house's MASSIVE 135 year - old posts and beams were carefully taken apart and cleaned.
Then, they were reconstructed around an irori-a traditional fireplace and hearth - and became Minshuku Sosuke.
Sosuke is the name of my great - grand father. My father named the house Sosuke.

10 years later,
Cynthia Menadue, wife of the Australian ambassador to Japan, spent 3 years in Japan during her husband's stay.
They had a good time travelling around the country.
When she returned to Australia, she started planning a “minshuku tour” by herself.
A minshuku is a traditional Japanese inn ; it is inexpensive, and offers a glimpse of Japanese family life.

Cynthia Menadue's minshuku tour was a tour of traditional Japanese life itself.
As you can imagine, her guests had culture shock and the many unusual things
they experienced in Japan made their trip unforgettable.
Consequently, her parsonalised tours became popular among Australians.

Over the past 45 years, tourism in Takayama has expanded little by little.
Now, in the 21st century, the name “Hida Takayama” is known all over the world.
There are English signs, maps and guide services everywhere,
making it an exciting, international city and a convenient destination.

Continuing in the style of Cynthia Menadue's famous tours,
Minshuku Sosuke would like to offer visitors a chance to experience traditional Japanese life.
We are eager to preserve the 180 year - old atmosphere of Minshuku Sosuke,
and provide traditional tours and experiences in old Takayama, the “little Kyoto”.

Keiko Tamai (Director) 2016, October.

" Ambassador's Wite - Minshuku Tour ”
「Waltzing Matilda around Japan by Cynthia Menadue」
Printed by The Simul Press.

Sosuke before the building is dismantled and reconstructed. ” Ambassador's Wite - Minshuku Tour ”「Waltzing Matilda around Japan by Cynthia Menadue」

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Our Cancellation Policy

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Don't hesitate to ask for details of our services.
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Mrs.Keiko Tamai has Takayama downtown designated local guide certification in English.
She will be available to help you plan your stay in Takayama.

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Minshuku Sosuke
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